The Hairsutra

The Hairsutra

The Hairsutra

Hair fall was always an age related phenomenon and was natural in the earlier times. However since the last decade or so, hair fall or loss of hair has no longer remained a condition of the old anymore. People as young as 20 years of age have become a victim of this condition. they at HAIRSUTRA have seen it all and understand the distress one goes through.

For others this might look seem like a cosmetic and superficial condition. However we realize that the consequences of this can run its roots deep into effecting one’s self esteem.  at The HairSutra, therefore look at not only restoring your hair back but also at restoring your self-worth. With a collective.. Years of experience, we are a team of skilled surgeons, and consultants, eager to talk to you, to be able reach a permanent resolution for your hair loss.


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