Positive Homeopathy

Positive Homeopathy

Positive Homeopathy

Immunity is the state of healthy body when it can resist any impending disease and infection. In short, to be immune is to be protected or to be free from any effect. Like other systems in the body, there is an immune system consisting of defence cells such as lymphocytes, macrophages etc to safeguard from diseases. The vaccines for infectious diseases are administered under Immunization schedule. Therefore, it is the immunity of the body which helps in maintaining the equilibrium required for harmonious function and remain free from diseases. Hence, efforts should be done to boost the immunity for a healthy life.
Health has to be restored and it is possible with Homeopathy is the objective Positive Homeopathy visualizes in the process of homeopathic treatment to the patients. The clinics are organised, the treatment is individualised and health, happiness and well-being is cherished by our patients.

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